Candle Tiffany Orchid And Peony – 380ml

Product Description

Indulge in an atmosphere of magic and elegance with our unique collection of small, dual-wick candles. These candles are characterized by a wonderful blend of the scents of orange blossoms, rose, and vanilla, filling the room with a long-lasting, enchanting fragrance from the beginning to the end of the candle

These candles are made from pure soy wax and natural essential oils, ensuring high quality and an authentic olfactory experience. These candles last for a long period, exceeding 40 hours of use, providing your home with a sense of stability and aromatic freshness. Relax with the captivating aroma that will add a charming and distinctive atmosphere to every corner of your home

Secret Ingredient

Lily Of The Valley Flowers

Create A Romantic And Cozy Ambiance In Your Home With Our Luxurious Collection Of Scented Candles

Our candles are perfect for setting the right mood in your home, whether you want to relax during your quiet moments or create a special romantic atmosphere. Just light one candle or arrange several candles according to your needs, and get ready to enjoy their charming effect on the space

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Candle Tiffany Orchid And Peony – 380ml

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