Privacy Policy

Valued customer... welcome to The Beauty Secrets' website

Please read the terms and conditions. by continuing to use the website, it is presumed that you agree upon the following conditions.

Return policy (branches) :

- An item can be returned within 3 days. An item can be exchanged within 7 days. Mandatory conditions 1) The receipt has to be presented to the employee. The product has to be in the same condition that it was bought. Offers' products: can be exchanged within 3 days. •Note: When a product or an order is returned, any free gifts have to be returned as well.

Privacy policy regarding the collected data :

Your data (Name, Surname, and E-mail) is processed by the website for the purposes below

Account management 

rocessing and delivering orders

To check on your online transactions through the website and to secure it from any fraud

We respect your privacy, therefore your information will not be sold or shared to any third party

Ownership rights :

The user has to assure that the purchased products will not be used for any other purpose besides personal use, such as unethical competition

The user cannot change or edit the content of the images as they show the ownership of the company and its trademark

The user is not permitted to copy or remake the website or any part of it

The terms and conditions may be changed from time to time to follow up with the surrounding circumstances. therefore the user is encouraged to visit our privacy policy section from time to time to keep updated

you can ask for any data related to you to be deleted through any of our social media channels and by creating a ticket on our website knowing that we at the beauty secrets have fully complied with the General Data Protection Regulation

and you can also delete your profile through your account dashboard and by then all data related to you will be also deleted unless there is a standing order then it will be deleted after completing all standing orders

Specifications matching:

The Beauty Secrets team makes sure that the product is delivered according to the specified type and quantity. we take full
responsibility if any of the specifications was not met.

Please make sure that the products are the same type and quantity upon arrival

The user has to inform the Beauty Secrets team within 3 days of the delivery date if there was an issue with the order

User's security :

We commit to protecting the user from any fraud or being unable to get the help needed throughout the purchase-process

Return and exchange :

– Please make sure that the products are in an acceptable shape before accepting them from the delivery person

– The is no refund for the cash on delivery orders unless in special cases determined by the Beauty secrets team

– The order can be returned within 48 hours from the delivery date but the products need to be unopened

–The product can be exchanged within 24 hours and shipping fees are paid by the customer

For any further help, please contact us. thank you for trusting us

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