Perfume So Pink Jasmine And Musk – 100ml

Product Description

A floral fragrance characterized by its soft, feminine scent, consisting of grapefruit and vanilla with raspberries for longevity and high concentration. The scent of this perfume lasts for a long time despite being soft and smooth, giving you an attractive fragrant scent throughout the day despite the hot weather, so make it at the forefront of your perfume choices this summer

Secret Ingredient

Tonka Bean

Advice for you

When using perfume... Do not shake the perfume bottle before using it, as this leads to damage to the perfume. It is preferable not to overdo it when spraying it, because the secret of its scent lies in its composition and the distinctive ingredients that are in it.

Apply it on the appropriate body parts: the neck, behind the ears, and the pulse points, to get a unique fragrance. The most beautiful women's perfume thanks to its deep composition mixed with the scent of musk with fragrant essential oils

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